Last Mile Delivery Platform

Every business is unique, QDelivery is a delivery platform for you to create delivery processes that best fit your business model.

Manage your deliveries efficiently

Your shipments, couriers and delivery points have been combined in a single screen. All instant activities are reflected on your smart screen simultaneously.


Auto Pairing

You can do automatic or manual courier package matching. In automatic matching, you can automatically determine the closest and available online courier thanks to the QDelivery algorithm, while you can manually assign the task to a courier or team that is suitable for operational processes.

QDelivery Operation Map Screenshot

Manage Your Locations and Teams

QDelivery provides answers to your needs for many delivery options such as location to end user, between two uncertain users, user to location. You can create unlimited locations and courier teams and match them with your delivery setup.

QDelivery Operation Map Screenshot

Platform Highlights

At every point where you deliver to the door, QDelivery helps you manage the process.

Delivery from location to end user
The locations you have defined the platform make it easy for you to create fast delivery tasks. While the location is automatically defined as the exit point while creating the task, you can assign the task by simply entering the delivery area information.
Create express delivery
In processes that require a delivery to reach the end user as soon as possible, QDelivery can assign the task to the closest courier compatible with the exit point and delivery point, and ensure that your packages are delivered quickly. If you are a business that produces hot meals, you can automatically assign tasks to the pool and have idle couriers take over the delivery.
User-to-user delivery (From X -> to Y)
Thanks to the address analyzer, you can easily manage your operations at both points during the transaction. The system automatically detects map locations, allowing users to assign pinpoint tasks for your pins and couriers.
Deliveries in two time slots
If you offer delivery time intervals to your customers, you can define the earliest and latest delivery times to the system with this delivery model. In particular, by assigning a collective task, you will enable you to use your couriers more efficiently during the specified hours.
Deliveries between locations
You can create deliveries between your locations defined in the system in your shipment processes such as between warehouses, from warehouse to store, from store to warehouse.
Define automated task generators
You can quickly integrate with the business partners we have provided, or you can integrate QDelivery into your own internal software. Your orders will automatically enter QDelivery and your delivery plan will be created according to the delivery strategy you have determined.

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