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Delivery platform fully compatible with your own internal software

Same Day Delivery Operation Management

QDelivery works fully integrated with your multi-channel delivery operations, allowing you to establish a same day delivery network for your customers.

Why Should I Use QDelivery?

QDelivery allows you to manage all your delivery-based processes from your private cloud office. It collects data for your business to analyze the creation of a delivery, task assignment processes, migration data, and much more.

You can combine all your couriers in QDelivery

By collecting all your internal and external couriers in QDelivery, you can integrate your operational processes and increase your efficiency by centralizing all your delivery strategy.

You can get rid of integrations

Integrate only QDelivery into your internal software, all your other 3rd party providers integrate into QDelivery

You can collect analyzable data

Make your operations more efficient by accessing quality data on delivery that you can analyze.

Autonomize the process

We provide the most effective package/courier matching for you with Map and Route planning technology.

From Warehouse to End User

Create your warehouse, assign your regional courier teams and let QDelivery do the rest, planning the optimal package/courier match and automating the distribution.

From Store to End User

Define your retail outlet, assign a courier team, and it will automatically match the fastest and most available courier in the field with your package.
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